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Local Attractions

To discover Jersey's best local attractions please view the below link: 


Durrell Wildlife Park 

The first ever conservation-themed zoo. Fifty years later, it’s the natural place to discover some of the world’s most incredible creatures. Durrell Wildlife Park is 32 acres of stunning wetland valleys, open greens and mature woodland. As well as being a tranquil retreat for families looking to escape the everyday ‘rodent race’, the Park offers sanctuary – and in some cases a genuine life-line – to some of the world’s most threatened animals.  Only 5 minutes drive away, and there is free parking.


Jersey War Tunnels

Tells the true story of the Occupation of Jersey during World War Two. It is one of the Island's most popular tourist attractions as well as an important site of heritage conservation and interpretation. Jersey War Tunnels is a permanent reminder of the German Occupation of Jersey, which lasted almost five years until the island's liberation on 9th May 1945. The tunnel complex, formerly known as Höhlgangsanlage 8 (Ho8), now plays host to a series of galleries detailing Occupation history through the diverse experiences of those who lived through it. Visitors will be led through the events of evacuation, deportation, captivity and siege, to eventual liberation.

The Channel Islands Military Museum 

The museum is housed in a former German bunker which once formed part of Hitler's Atlantic Wall defences. All the rooms and corridors are full of artefacts left over from the occupation and the bunker still stands dominant over the beach today, showing visitors what it was like during the war. The museum recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and to mark that milestone it added many previously unseen items to the displays giving even better value for money. This museum is a lifetimes work, the collection has been assembled over many years allowing the visitors the opportunity to see items, many of which are still in the same condition as when they were when last used over 60 years ago. Being displayed in one of Hitler's former Atlantic Wall defences helps visitors to get a true feeling for those dark days of the 1940s. A major collection of historical memorabilia not to be missed.



Gorey Village & Castle

The village of Gorey is situated on the east coast of the island, the nearest headland to France. The castle of Mont Orgueil stands above the small village and at night when it is illuminated, it is particularly attractive. At one time the castle was the first defence against the French, but now the harbour is the starting point for more peaceful summertime invasions of the French ports of Carteret, Portbail and Grainville.


Jersey Heritage

There are six main sites:

  • La Hougue Bie, Grouville

  • Jersey Museum and Art Gallery, St Helier

  • Maritime Museum, St Helier

  • Elizabeth Castle, St Aubin

  • Mont Orgeuil, St Lawrence

  • Hamptonne Country Life Museum, St Lawrence


Jump Jersey

Jump Jersey is the island’s newest and biggest indoor activity centre, with a trampoline park, climbing walls and soft play area.  To book a session please see their website.



Amaizin Adventure Park

aMaizin! Adventure Park is a family attraction and offers a great day out with no hidden charges! Dozens of activities are included in your entrance fee and the park offers both outdoor and indoor activities. Toboggan, gold-mine, go-karts, jumping pillow and tractor rides can be used by all ages and our indoor area is also designed to be used by all members of the family. Try the scary dropslide, aerial runway, or shoot away with the cannons. Plenty of parking, quality food and regular events.